[myproxy-announce] MyProxy 6.1 released

Basney, Jim jbasney at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 24 12:44:16 CST 2014

This is a belated announcement that MyProxy 6.1 is now available from
Globus (http://toolkit.globus.org/toolkit/downloads/latest-stable/) via
Globus Toolkit update packages. We have migrated MyProxy sources from
http://sourceforge.net/projects/cilogon to
https://github.com/globus/globus-toolkit which enables closer integration
with the Globus Toolkit release process for a faster MyProxy release
cycle, as demonstrated by the 8 minor updates released so far for MyProxy
6.1. Much thanks to Joe Bester and Mattias Ellert for their assistance.

I've updated the MyProxy web site (http://grid.ncsa.illinois.edu/myproxy/)
to reflect this migration to GitHub. If you find lingering out-of-date
references, please let me know.

Please submit MyProxy bug reports, pull requests, etc., via GitHub

-- MyProxy 6.1 ChangeLog ---

  - Properly extract MINOR_VERSION from a three digit PACKAGE_VERSION
  - Fix undefined symbols in myproxy-voms plugin
  - Don't install test wrapper
  - Comments are not allowed in tmpfile.d config files

  - Allow TLS in myproxy-get-trustroots and myproxy-logon -T

  - Make VOMS dependency optional

  - Minor packaging fixes

  - Stop patching myproxy.sysconfig

  - Fix incorrect soname change

  - Update arg parsing to Getopt::Long

  - Increment library age

v6.1 Oct 2014
  - portability, man page, and build script fixes from Mattias Ellert
  - first release from https://github.com/globus/globus-toolkit sources
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