[myproxy-announce] MyProxy 5.6 released

Jim Basney jbasney at illinois.edu
Mon Feb 20 16:36:47 CST 2012

MyProxy 5.6 is now available from the MyProxy web site

$ openssl sha1 < myproxy-5.6.tar.gz

Changes in this release:
- in myproxy-logon --voms, use voms-proxy-init -valid H:M rather
  than voms-proxy-init -hours H so proxy lifetime matches assertion
- on myproxy-server daemon startup, don't exit original process
  until daemon child has completed initialization
- improve myproxy-server pidfile creation: when root, write pidfile
  by default to /var/run/myproxy.pid; write pidfile on startup
  before detaching from parent process; lock pidfile to avoid
  collisions; remove pidfile on SIGTERM shutdown
  [LICENSE.pidfile added for pidfile.c from FreeBSD's libutil.]
- allow escaping of '.' in regular expressions
- when converting to POSIX extended regular expressions for DN
  matching, wrap the expression inside '^(' and ')$' instead of just
  '^' and '$' to ensure matching the entire DN using proper operator
- add liblber to link line when using --with-openldap
- fix section number in myproxy-admin-query man page
- in myproxy-admin-load-credential, handle the case of running as
  root but /var/lib/myproxy owned by non-root by switching to the
  non-root user before writing the credential files

We appreciate your feedback on the MyProxy software.  Please submit bug
reports, feature requests, etc., to <http://bugzilla.globus.org/>.

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