[myproxy-announce] MyProxy 5.4 released

Jim Basney jbasney at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 22 13:58:38 CDT 2011

MyProxy 5.4 is now available from the MyProxy web site

$ openssl sha1 < myproxy-5.4.tar.gz

PLEASE NOTE: The default behavior for the myproxy-server.config cert_dir
option has changed in this release:

Changes in this release:
- support disabling reverse DNS lookup of server hostname in MyProxy
  clients by setting the environment variable
- prefer to link with libvomsapi instead of libvomsc
- fix double-free in myproxy_install_trusted_cert_files() on write error
- add myproxy-test -generatecerts option and remove dependency on $HOME
- myproxy-server trustroots security improvements:
  - cert_dir no longer defaults to /etc/grid-security/certificates.
  - Server will ignore requests for trustroots if cert_dir is not
  - Server will refuse to start if the trustroots directory set using
    cert_dir contains any regular files that are not world-readable.
  - Once started, the server will skip (i.e. will not return to client)
    any regular files found later to NOT have world-readable
- fix GPT dependency on globus_proxy_utils package

We appreciate your feedback on the MyProxy software.  Please submit bug
reports, feature requests, etc., to <http://bugzilla.globus.org/>.

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