[gsi-openssh-announce] GSI-OpenSSH 5.7 released

Basney, Jim jbasney at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 11 11:58:32 CST 2013

GSI-OpenSSH 5.7, based on OpenSSH 6.4p1, is now available from:


OpenSSH 6.4 (included in this release) fixes a security bug in OpenSSH 6.2
(included in GSI-OpenSSH 5.6):

* sshd(8): fix a memory corruption problem triggered during rekeying
  when an AES-GCM cipher is selected. Full details of the vulnerability
  are available at: http://www.openssh.com/txt/gcmrekey.adv

For installation instructions, please see:


We appreciate your feedback and help in testing this version.
Please use Bugzilla to report GSI-OpenSSH bugs:


The GSI-OpenSSH Project uses the Globus Usage Metrics capability to
collect generic statistics about the use of GSI-OpenSSH software:


Changes in this release:

* Update to OpenSSH 6.4p1
* Update to HPN14v1
* Add user activity auditing
  Must be explicitly enabled via --with-nerscmod.


$ openssl sha1 < gsi_openssh_bundle-5.7-src.tar.gz

$ gpg gsi_openssh_bundle-5.7-src.tar.gz.asc
gpg: Signature made Fri Nov  8 13:04:47 2013 PST using RSA key ID 0A33BE15
gpg: Good signature from "Jim Basney <jbasney at ncsa.uiuc.edu>"
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