[gridshib-user] CILogon project to support GridShib, GSI-OpenSSH, and MyProxy

Jim Basney jbasney at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Jun 26 13:40:12 CDT 2009

Dear GridShib, GSI-OpenSSH, and MyProxy users and friends,

I'm pleased to announce the start of the CILogon project, funded by
the National Science Foundation:


Over the next two years, this project will enable us to better support
and enhance GridShib, GSI-OpenSSH, and MyProxy, driven by your input
and participation. I'm very grateful for your contributions to these
three projects over the years, including your feature requests, bug
reports, documentation, mailing list posts, and code submissions.

The ongoing success of these projects depends on your continued

  * Please continue to submit your feature requests and bug reports to

  * Please continue to participate on the email lists.

  * If you can help with software development tasks, please consider
    becoming a Committer on one or more of the projects

We're looking to hire a visiting research programmer at NCSA for the
CILogon project. If you're interested, please see:


For the latest information about the CILogon project, please visit:


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